Zomato Is Now In Five New Cities With Fresh Social Features

Zomato has started its reign in five more new cities around the world with many new social features. The news reached all around via its website.

Zomato is one of India’s greatest guides of food and night life. It was founded during 2008 and spread its wings to London, Middle East, and South East Asia, Philippines. After Birmingham and Manchester, the company went to rule UK and now it has opened its branches in Cape Town, South Africa, Auckland and Wellington.

Zomato offers its service by giving details about café, bars, restaurants etc. Zomato has around 14 million active web viewers in a month for its web oriented service.

The company has a section of followers too to accept comments and suggestions regarding the service offered. The website of the company offers messaging feature to interact with the customers. This has enabled the users to post comments and photos.

Deepinder Goyal, Founder cum CEO of Zomato, has said that the personalized ratings will help the users to stay safe from wrong information which comes out of Zomato. He also said that this feature will let the customers to speak out their views and also give a positive outlook about the company.

Currently, Zomato exists in 8 countries which covers 27 cities with 14 in India. Zomato has a collection of around 103,000 restaurants. Zomato has come up with new investments for its development.

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