Vine Is The Top App On Apple’s App Store

It’s been almost three months since the initial launch, and Vine is the top app on the U.S App Store Charts for Free iPhone Apps. Vine is a six-second video sharing app, with six seconds being the limit, and was launched by Twitter earlier this year, in January.


This is news worthy of applause, after the controversy it faced almost a week after it’s launch, when it was removed from the App Store’s Featured Section due to an issue involving the display of adult content in the App’s ‘Editor’s Picks’- which clearly violated Apple’s policies. Though Vine did change it’s minimum age limit and started filtering it’s videos, it was pretty embarrassing but Twitter passed it off as ‘Human Error.’

But still, putting this issue aside, Vine is a useful and much-appreciated app, and reaching the top at this speed shows how loyal it’s users are.

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