SELFIE: Click It Awesomely!

These days everybody is obsessed with the “Selfie” thing and every person today loves taking a good selfie once in a while. Even the mobile companies are trying their best to bring in new stuff to their cameras to make that selfie look good. From celebrities to politicians, everyone is clicking up selfies, maybe in groups or individuals. Well, be …

Star Wars Video Selfie

May 4 is celebrated as Star Wars Day throughout the world by all the Star Wars fans and its team. To mark the occasion, Star Wars: Episode VII creators J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan made a short and sweet video clip called as a star wars video selfie as a tribute to the eagerly waiting fans. In the 23 ­second video, the creator duo said they are extremely happy and fortunate to be working on the next Star Wars installments, and have also promised that a lot more will be revealed in near future. The video went viral among the Star Wars fans and thousands of comments by eagerly waiting fans started pouring in.