SELFIE: Click It Awesomely!

These days everybody is obsessed with the “Selfie” thing and every person today loves taking a good selfie once in a while. Even the mobile companies are trying their best to bring in new stuff to their cameras to make that selfie look good.

From celebrities to politicians, everyone is clicking up selfies, maybe in groups or individuals. Well, be sure of one thing the Selfies you click should be interesting and attractive to watch.

Take a look at some of these short tips that would really help you to improve your selfie-taking ability. Have a look:

  •  Check the lighting, it should be suitable and not dark.
  •  Do give a check to the back lighting as well, it shouldn’t be harsh.
  •  Do some editing in the selfie to remove the anomalies.
  •  Group selfie is more attractive than individual one.
  •  Try to use the rear camera instead of the front camera, clarity matters.

Next time you take that shot of yours, keep these tips in mind and then click the camera button.

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