News Of E-Book Pricing Trial Against Apple By Amazon And Google Execs

On the fourth day of e-book pricing trial against Apple, Amazon and Google executives provided such testimonies which might be momentarily funny but that brought new surprising facts in front of everyone. On Thursday, the apple attorney, Howard Heiss first questioned the VP of Kindle content, Russ Grandinetti, who put forward his testimony in front of the court. Heiss also explained that Amazon was well aware of the e-book pricing dispute even before the knowledge of Apple and he also pointed the desire of participation of Amazon from all the Big 6 publishers for promoting kindle store in 2007.

But on being asked Grandinetti clearly stated that he was completely unaware of Amazon’s market share for e-book and its dominant e-book retailer ship. It was also being proved by Heiss from a CNET interview that Amazon is having nearly 70-80% share in the e-book market. He also proved in the court that Grandinetti was also well aware of the fact of e-book pricing dislike of $9.99 for New York Times which is the bestselling books of Kindle.

Heiss also proved that Amazon was well aware of the e-book pricing before the launching of the Apple iBookstore and Amazon is intentionally trying to put the entire blame on Apple for replacing the alternative of the wholesale pricing. Heiss also clearly proved from the site “Amazon Data” that even after the introduction of the agency pricing, four publishers lowered prices on many NYT bestsellers.

The testimony got ended up on Thursday with the valuable testimony of Tom Turvey director of strategic partnerships at Google. He was questioned by the Apple attorney Orin Snyder where the Google e-mails proved the fact. Snyder also discussed a couple of information about the Google media fact to highlight the actual fact. Snyder also proved that Apple has succeeded in the e-book at that stage where Google has lost the market. Though Judge Cote somehow interrupted in between but still the entire truth came in front of everybody via various evidences.

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