iPhone 6 Needs To Be Great To Overtake Android

This year Apple will be coming out with its iPhone 6, probably by the fall of this year. But, one thing needs to be assured of and that thing is that the iPhone 6 needs to be really something special sort to match the level of Android. The pace with which the Android OS is overtaking the smartphone world, Apple needs to bring something big in iPhone 6 to take its level to big heights.

The Android devices have become so common that they are likely to take away every other OS and are going to be spread everywhere in the world. And they will likely make the iOS numbers also diminish.

In Q4 of 2013, Google’s Android OS had almost 78% users globally while the Apple’s iOS had just 18%. Now according to predictions being made, the same quarter this year could see Android bagging around 80% of users and Apple’s iOS falling down to 15%.

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