EPIX Touches PlayStation – Launches App For PS3 And PS Vita

EPIX, the on-demand video streaming service is now available as an app on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, giving subscribers access to over 3000 films and a range of documentaries, music concerts, comedy shows and championship boxing.

EPIX, a joint venture between Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Lions Gate Entertainment, is run by Studio 3 Partners but has failed to create a niche for itself, something that is enjoyed by streaming big-shots Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The reason for that, primarily is it’s focus on the United States. EPIX is also available as a television channel, sold as a premium service through a monthly subscription fee.

But it’s success could depend on it’s availability across multiple devices and platforms. The service is already available on Xbox 360 and claims to be the first premium network to launch on the systems as well as Android and iOS devices, Roku players and Kindle Fire tablets.

Gaming consoles are becoming one of the most popular platforms for streaming video content, so launching it’s service for PlayStation 3 seems to be a smart move.

Users with a PlayStation Network account can sign up for a free two week trial of the service and have full access to it’s library of on demand videos.

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