Apple’s App Store celebrate its 5 years of achievement

Apple is like the king of new technology. Apple has always been widely accepted by the public due to its unique ideas and and technology. We all know how the iPad and iPhone have created a wave worldwide.

Lets take a look at the journey of Apple in these 5 years:

Over the last half decade, it helped fully realize the Swiss army-capabilities of the smartphone, which could do far more than just make phone calls and browse the Internet. While not the first, it set the bar for mobile application marketplaces to come. The best part: it made apps accessible to everyone.

The Apple app store has transformed the way people download apps and provides a world class experience to users worldwide.

The Competition is between two big names- the Apple App Store and Google Play. Apple App Store has surpassed 50 billion apps downloaded, with 900,000 programs available. Apple boasts about how it’s paid out $10 billion to developers, a testament to the fact that it pays to work with the company even as it takes a 30 percent cut of sales but Google Play has surpassed the App Store when it comes to sheer number of available apps.

So, the question is- What exactly made Apple stand out ?

The answer to that is, Apple’s new and different ideas, for example it made the app store accessible to everyone. By offering the chance to download apps from one source- a single, simple store, and making it easy to download and run programs, Apple sparked a new market and it is because the app store makes it so easy to find an app, download it, and even update it.

Also, Apple’s App Store opened the door to all kinds of different programs as users were eager to find new and innovative ways to use their smartphones.

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