Yelp Released Its Biggest Update In iOS App

Apps and software need a regular update, as to tackle the current tech world. Among them Yelp just released its update for iOS.

“The government shut down may have ground Washington to a halt, but it hasn’t slowed down the Yelp Mobile team,” the company said in its update notes. “We put aside our differences and reached across the aisle (separating our desks) to collaborate on what may be one of our biggest iPhone updates to date!”

The primary changes in the current version is “Home” interface found on previous versions of Yelp’s app is no more and it takes user to a default tab “Nearby” after loading.

The bottom bar which consists “Home, nearby, Bookmarks,” has been now replaced by a simpler series of tap-friendly, boxed shortcuts that read “Nearby, Search, About Me, and More.” A creative update includes a center button which gives three colors: one for checking into a given location, one for reviewing a location, and one for adding a photograph.

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