Xiaomi: The Next Big Name In The Mobile World

Well, probably you may not have heard of that name before and you might be wondering that it may be some normal Chinese product. But no, Xiaomi is something beyond your expectations and is touted to beat the sales of Apple and Samsung in China soon.

It is so because this month Xiaomi smartphone has hit a milestone, by overtaking Apple’s sale share in the first quarter and taking the number 3 spot in China. The data showed that 18% market sale is held by Samsung, 12% by Lenovo, 10% by Xiaomi and 9% by Apple in China.

The way Xiaomi is progressing in China, it has started to worry the mobile giants over there. It is often called as “Apple of China,” not because its products show a similarity to Apple, but because of its connect and popularity in the country.

Lei Jun is the CEO of the company and he also plans to bring this phone to the market outside China very soon.

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