“ Xbox One Will Be Listed In The Unified Section Of Games ” – Confirmed By Microsoft Corporate

Vp Phil has confirmed that categories of Indie Games and the live arcade of Xbox will not be featured in the market place of Xbox one. This announced was made by the corporate of Microsoft, VP Phil. Instead of this all the games will be listed in the unified section of the game. The corporate said that the company had retail games in the past which came on disk. Previously it had live arcade of Xbox and also indie games. Not only that, Xbox also had its discrete solos or discrete channels.

VP Phil said that there is no distinction made between a puzzle game and a 50 hour RPG epic. Even the ones that have a halfway between the two are all treated in the same way. This will help the users to independently discover the games and this is because of the lack of the distinction between different titles. This statement was given by Harrison. Harrison also proudly added to it that Microsoft is capable of solving challenges that are faced by independent developers.

The loved games are independently connected by the platform that has benne developed by the company itself. The games were connected with the audience by using the platform. Harrison continued his speech that Microsoft continues its effects to highlight the product that is useful for the users. However it is true that users will not go by the saying of the experts’ of the company itself. They will interested more with are their friends playing and the other citizen s believe to be exciting.

Taste of the audience varies with people of different continents and country. This will help in propagating more and more exciting and interesting games. Xbox live is expected to receive cloud functionality, new social features and an improved facility of matchmaking. This will happen at the end of the year when the new Xbox console will arise. It was told earlier today by Phil Harrison to CVG, today that the pre-owned plans of Xbox one are consistent and continue with the ways it is played by the players all over the world.

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