Xbox One Developers Justify The Inclusion Of Kinect In Every Box

An Xbox One developer revealed new information about Microsoft’s upcoming next generation console, after carrying out an AMA on Reddit. One of the reasons why the Xbox One is priced higher than the PS4, by a margin of almost $100, is this inclusion of the Kinect with every box, as previously announced by Microsoft. This gives the developers the freedom to include unique functionality in to their games.

One of the developers of the console said, “The goal with having a Kinect ship with every Xbox is to guarantee to game developers if they implement Kinect features into their games, everyone who has an Xbox will be able to experience it. I often see people dismiss the Kinect instantly because they haven’t seen it work like I have. It is an integral part of the Xbox One experience.

The number of features on the Xbox One that uses the Kinect is almost too many to count. I can’t imagine using the console without it. To me, I see two ways to deal with this –

– Not require the Kinect to be always plugged in and have all these features turned off by default.

– Enable these features by default and turn them off if people choose to turn off the Kinect.

The first choice would undermine our guarantee to game developers.

The Xbox One is speculated to be released later this year.

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