Windows 8 Grabs The 4th Spot In The OS Market

Windows 8 is slowly gaining a foothold in the OS market.

The new operating system from Windows has captured 3.17% of all desktop OS traffic, which was tracked by Net Application in March. It showed a market share of 2.67% in February, an increase of 0.5 in a month.


Windows 8 has continued rising up the ladder since it debuted last October, according to Net Applications’ Web Traffic reports.

Starting with an initial share of 1.09% share in November, it rose to 1.72% in December. It then grabbed a 2.26% share in January, taking it past Mac OS X10.8 to take the fourh spot amongst all operating systems. Windows 7 remained at the top, ahead of Windows XP as the top OS, claiming the top spot from XP last August, according to Net Applications. Windows Vista came in 3rd with 5%, showing a decline in February.

Overall, Windows share of Net Applications was 91.62%, a number which had remained unchanged since the past several months. The share held by Mac OS X fell slightly to 6.94%, while Linux was 1.17%

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