What? Facebook, You’re Sharing My Address

With all the charade around Facebook with respect to privacy never bothered me until around 5 minutes ago when I saw additional parameters in the Facebook developer API documentation, namely: address, mobile_phone and I am furious.

It’s one thing to say that people still read what they are allowing the application to access and another to actually read it. Now with everyone in such a habit of just allowing the applications to access the basic information just click allow which will now in turn share their contact numbers and addresses (if the application asks for it). That’s the first time this privacy issue has concerned me and I am pi**ed. Considering diaspora for the first time. Na..still not considering diaspora. That said, Facebook is really walking wait… ‘dancing’ on a thin ice here.

In-case you’re interested this is the list of content that Facebook allow applications to ask of us.

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