War Thunder’s Gameplay Trailer Released

War Thunder is the first free-to-play aerial action MMO War Thunder is set to be released on 2014 by Gaijin Entertainment. It is the first PS4 gameplay footage release dby them. Lots of expectations surround this game. Everyone is vying to know the latest news of this game. It is expected to come free to PS4 at launch. The new gameplay trailer has been released. The viewership on the trailer has broken all records for an aerial combat game. The PlayStation 4 version arrives in November and should help interlinking platform play with the PC version. However, the PC version is currently in its Beta version. The debate between Console and computer games has existed for quite sometime now. This is the perfect game to quieten the debate, since it is releasing in both PC’s and Console.

“Gaming dominance is expected to be fiercely fought for. More than hundreds of planes, tanks and ships would be fighting on the same map. I am looking forward to more than 3 million online gamers to take the skies or prowl on the ground and battle The game has historical relevance as well. Great detail has gone into designing the WW II military vehicles and planes.”,says Gaijin CEO, Anton Yudintsev. Around 300 designs are incorported into the game when it comes to planes. The PS4 is expected to receive all the updates which a PC version will. However, the PS4 version would have certain lisenced features like head-tracking, and easy streaming and video sharing. This is mainly because of the PlayStation Eye camera. A Mac version is expected to go into the beta version soon and Oculus Rift support is also in the works. “Details on more exclusive contents regarding War Thunder on PS4 would be revealed soon”, signs off Anton Yudintsev.

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