Vine And Its Support For The Front Facing Camera

There were complaints from users that Vine is not supporting front-facing cameras when it started its venture in Android. The earlier iOS ports support the front camera from a long duration. Android users were not satisfied with Vine because of this.

In the recent update, Google play has mentioned that Vine has finally got ready to deal with the front lens.

Meantime, the update is subjected to a new new upload manager for the Vines you’ve yet to finalize, a few tweaks to the settings screen, and an overall speed improvement. Above all, the camera is said to load notably faster, now

Some of the features of Vine:

• Front-facing camera
• New upload manager
• Improved settings
• Improvements to camera loading time and support for more devices
• Overall Speed improvements
• Bug fixes and UI improvements

This has been updated after the Instagram video support news.

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