Valve’s Free Source SDK Is Updated With New Features

Valve’s free source SDK has been updated with a bunch of new features, something all the developers would be interested in. There has been a change in the headline for the version of this year. The SDK source has native Linux, Oculus and Mac added on to it. It also allows the users to have an easy development of cross platform along with the VR compatibility. The announcement for the release has been detailed.

It is all about changing way that it is being used to handle the tools. You will also be finding an individual source of Engine games and hammer. Besides this the launcher for SDK will also be put out of the phase. Modders are making attempts to add the support for the Steam pipe to the work that has been done by them. This has facilitated in the setup of a few dedicat6ed servers. It is specially made for Linux and PC. It is quite remarkable that the license for SDK has curre3mtly changed and is also easy to change a few customizations.

You will also be able to grab the latest sources of Githhub. The developer community of wiki is excellent and you will be finding it if your new to it. The released update by the company has also brought sufficient support for Linux as well as MAC OS X. This has also exposed the ability in order to have a vital support in the mind as well as for mod developers. There is one big change with the update and that is to use github in order to host the code of the service. The new license is also included in the release of the source SDK 2013.

The new license has also allowed the mod authors to share the changes that have been made to SDK easily. Hammer is the other change in this source along with the other tools in the mode. This will be irrespective of the games that have been used as a part of the launcher of the SDK.

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