Unity Flash Support Dropped, Gearing For HTML5

The San Francisco based game development company, Unity Technologies, has come up in their latest release that they will not anymore invest in Flash from the house of Adobe as the company believes the future of flash is not certain. According to the CEO of Unity, David Helgason, for around 18 months the company has been working on a Flash deployment add-on for their Unity flash game engine, but it has stopped selling deployment license of Flash, as of today.

In a blog post, in the official website of Unity he said that the company had great hopes about the future of Unity Flash as a gaming platform, the early developments were really promising and the company had seem to be actually devoted for making Flash an absolute success, but with time the scenario has changed a lot and Adobe do not seem to be firmly committed anymore for development of the platform in future. He also said that the cancellation of the project Flash Player Next and the decision of Adobe to concentrate more on the other projects, made the popular gaming company take the decision.

His post also added, that Flash publishing was able to stir up only a little attraction, and developers have started to move away from Flash, and as a matter of fact their own Unity Web Player has gained high growth in the last few months. Though the company will not any more work on Flash, but he confirmed to provide continued support to the existing Flash users throughout the cycle of the different versions of games from the house.

As per the reactions seen on the twitter pages, the news did not come as a huge surprise for the Unity Flash developers, in fact, it did not even appear to affect large number of people. For the most, the news was quite expected and the official announcement was just a matter of time. Many tweeted that Unity did not really had any meaningful Flash publication at the first place, so the decision changes nothing much. Some are seeing this incident as a step of Unity towards supporting HTML5 as disclosed by the CEO of the company in 2011.

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