Ultra Street Fighter IV To Release On International Consoles After Japanese Debut

Capcom has aforesaid that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released on consoles internationally immediately after the game’s debut in Japanese arcades.

The game publisher confirmed on Friday evening that the game will hit arcades in Japan in April 2014. Digital versions for consoles will go live in North America and Europe pretty soon after that.

While holding off giving an explicit release, the firm says the game will be out before 2014’s Evo tournament, that takes place July 11-13.

Capcom explained that the release remains months away owing to the in depth changes it’s creating to SFIV.

In a recent statement, the firm cited, “We’ve been working hard to ensure that this is indeed the most openly influenced version of SF yet. Just on Capcom-Unity alone there was well over 20,000 comments that we had to go through to make sure that the most beneficial changes made it in, while also pleasing the fans.”

Capcom had announced Ultra Street Fighter IV in July. The Xbox 360, PS3 and PC update will introduce 5 new characters, six fresh stages and new modes and options.

It will be released as both $14.99 DLC for existing Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition owners to download, and a $39.99 physical disc version with “all DLC costumes for all characters released until now” and “future content” to be confirmed.

Capcom recently released a brand new video highlighting the new mechanics being introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV, as well as the ultra-combo Double, Red Focus Attack and also the removal of Unblockables.

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