Twitter Sends Emails To Promote Vine

After the announcement of Facebook in bringing video to Instagram, the battle for sharing short-form video space is gearing up. Now, Twitter has begun its 6-second video app vine. According to the users in the Twittersphere, Twitter has already sent mails to its many users who did not use vine yet.

Many people tweeted about the email they received about Vine after the Instagram’s update. The arrival of Instagram might be a threat to Twitter as there are 16 billion photos shared on Instagram, 1 billion likes everyday, and 130 million people use the app every month. The videos for instagram is a part of the app which helps the users to record upto 15 seconds with 13 custom filters and user friendly thumbnail selection.

Vine has also commented in its blog that it will introduce some exciting new part of Vine over the next few weeks.

Twitter launched Vine on android earlier this month as it has crossed 13 million registered users around the world. After the launch of vine in January, it has gone through several updates even with the iPhone version.

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