Tim Cook Is Quite Confident In Sales In The Huge Enterprise Market

Tim Cook said that Apple’s product is right now dominating some of the market. In the talk with Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer, they gave many shout out’s at company’s success with the enterprise.

There are some unbelievable data came forward, as iPhone is used in 97% of the Fortune 500, and 91% of the Global 500, and iPad is used in 98% of the Fortune 500 and 93% of the Global 500.

And earlier it was also mentioned that 90% of tablet activations in corporations are iPads. And 95% of total app activations were on iOS. Also Oppenheimer, emphasised on several companies where employees use iPhones for work, including Accenture, Cisco and American Airlines.

This shows that company is really serious about growing it’s enterprise and they also added some enterprise features in iOS 7 and its new Mac operating system.

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