The Technical Features Of PlayStation 4 Have Been Unveiled By Sony

The PlayStation 4 has been unveiled by Sony and the technical features have been given by it. It will be available at a price of $399 and has been possible to undercut the rival of Microsoft named Xbox One. The company has also given gamers a first look in an anticipated way. The anticipated look has been given at the new console on Monday. It happened at Electronic Entertainments Expo. The other name of the expo is E3 that has given the world’s largest exhibition of video games. The grand exhibition is in Los Angeles.

The black box design of PS4 appeared to be similar to that of Xbox One but was cheaper than that than of Xbox. These will also allow the user to use second hand software that will also provide a wide variety of games. The console is expected to be there among the customers at the end of the year. It does not need any internet connection for it that has be authenticated or played. This is a very important requirement of Xbox One that has drawn a plenty of critics. It has also been said by Tech Crunch that Sony has won a lot of fans for itself.

The new console will be launched in about 21 markets in the world at $499 this autumn. It can be probably lost out when the rivals of the consoles will be hitting the stores soon after that. The landscape of the new gaming is changing with new models of the business. There are also new ways of playing as said by Andrew House, the CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment. This was revealed on the trade show when the console was officially launched on Tuesday.

Estimates say that the event will be gathering 40,000 people and will be lasting for four days. It will be showcasing new technologies and titles. It is also expected that the new gaming trends will come up every year. Sony has made an initial announcement of the PlayStation on Friday but waited to unveil it till Monday. This turned out to be in a black box.

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