The Remarkable Model Of PS4 Launched With Striking Features

The preliminary color screen of PlayStation 4 is called “Jet Black”. The launch models of the new console have been referred to as CUH-1000 a series. The entire body of the console has been designed to be light and slim. It has numerous factor of linear flat form. The body of the game is divided into four different sections along with a disc slot and buttons in it. The slot and the button lie between “four blocks”. The power indicators turns into a blue color when it glows and the edges of the console are slanted.

It allows an easy access on the console which is either in a vertical or a horizontal position. It conceals cables in it. The launch peripherals of PlayStation 4 include a wireless controller of Dual Shock and a camera of PlayStation. All the internal components are in jet black. The launch has not yet been confirmed in the lineup. There are about 110 games in the world as said by Sony and the number of developers has increased starting from 126 till 505.

The final specs are susceptible to changes. The console maintains a standard of 500 GV HDD. Some of these can be reversed for the software of the system. There are some impressive facts about PlayStation 4. The product code of the series belongs to CUH-1000A. The recommended price of the game is $399/ €399/ £349. The main processor of the console is contains a custom processor having a single chip.

It has an inbuilt memory of GDDR5 8GB and has the capacity of hard disk of 500 GB. The 275×53×305 mm is the approximate dimension of a system. It weighs about 2.8 kg. The console will also provide you a feature of Bluetooth, an Ethernet and IEEE. It has a PlayStation 4 included in it, a mono headset, a wireless controller, a USB cable, an AC power cord and a HDMI cable.

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