The New & Improved Adobe Photoshop CC

With everything moving on to cloud, how can Adobe be left behind? It released revamp of Photoshop CS with Photoshop CC in the past week, CC for Creative Cloud adding new powerful new capabilities and cloud support to image editing application.

And from now on you can’t buy Photoshop, you can rent for $19.99 per month with an annual contract. Inspired by recent ventures like Office 365. And to use Photoshop month-to-month, that will cost you $29.99 per month, for further details please see the updated Price list.

Photoshop CC boasts same interface like CS6 ad allows to import all settings which is fairly easy, allows online sharing & storage of content and to top it all it includes Adobe’s Behance, a recently acquired collaboration tool for content creators.

You are greeted by a Windows 8 like interface and log in functionality in your Behance profile. About 700 typefaces are included as a package for buying CC. A lot of frenzy is over monthly rental of PS instead of full software package.

Smartly Resize Images

The most used tool of PS be it creating and adapting graphics for the web, enlarging a graphic from retain image sharpness when up-sampling. Now you can preserve details while enlarging an image without introducing noise.

Smart Sharpen

smart sharpen adobe

With Smart sharpen now you can improve out of focus backgrounds & reduce noise, sharpen images in a more effective way with improved results.

Camera Raw Filter

This filter with introduction of two new tools : improved healing brush & Uppright enables filtering Raw images and provides better control over importing new videos. Now you can give better looking finishes to out of focus backgrounds.

Camera Shake Reduction

camera shake reduction

A good improvement. Camera shake reduction can remove most of the shakycam biur incurring in taking a one handed image. You can see the effects in Adobe’s own demo picture which shows miraculous results.

Is Photoshop CC Worth It?

The new filters and image improvement tools offered by Photoshop CC’s are remarkable, Smart Sharpening, Camera Raw.So it might not be a bad deal after all. However, the idea of providing full version of Photoshop CC could be considered,instead of renting Photoshop monthly? Because there are lots of online tools which offer same functionality and investing in totally new application like CC for few improvements over already great CS isn’t a good idea.

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