The Leading Buzz In The Global Mobile Device Market – Android Smart Phones

The smart phone market combines the tablets, notebooks and is a big buzz in the present era. Android dominates the global market of smart phone and is a companion for every second person. The first quarter market of the mobile devices is occupied by Android smart phones and the reports claim that the smart phones hit about 308.7 millions of unit. Android had a remarkable lead over the other brands.

Reports revealed that about 59.5% of smart phones were shipped with android, the second lead was occupied by Apple to about 19.3% and share of market was occupied by Microsoft with about 18.1%. The tablet market has shown a rise that grew from 106.1% and showed a hike to about 41.9 million units. So it was one of the fasted growing markets. Tablet market customized in a faster pace than that of the PC market but Apple had a lead over tablets. A decline in the statistics of the shipment of the notebooks reduced the world market by about 13.1%.

The popularity of Android phones in the global market continued to rise and it finally managed to occupy the third quarter of the global market too. A detailed report about the occupied market of a smart phone devices revealed that it has occupied to a maximum of about 26.6% with Samsung. The other brands later on followed it namely Apple, Lenovo, Sony, Huawei and others. Apple had a share of 19.3%, Lenovo 5%, Sony 3.2%, Huawei 3.1% and the brands comprehensively occupied about 42.8%.

Samsung leads the number of shipments started about 82.2 million units, Apple is 59.6 million units, Lenovo is 15.3 units, Sony had a shipment of 9.8 million units, Huawei is of 9.7 million units and others are of 132.2 million units. The occupancy in the world market by the vendors is dominated with Samsung and that of the operating system vendors was done by Android phones. It is of about 59.5%; apple is second lead in this case also with about 19.3% and next is Microsoft with about 18.1%. The other brands occupied 3.1%. The various other microeconomic factors contributed to this trend.

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