Minecraft Mash-Up Pack

Minecraft Mash-Up Pack Themed On Halo Series

4J Studios has come up with a new theme for the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 mash-up based on Halo series. The studio has revealed new screens and details for this latest Minecraft mash-up pack on its website. It has also been revealed that the combined sales of Minecraft have nearly touched the 50 million mark. Well, that is something really …

Minecraft PC coming soon

Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed a video regarding the forthcoming update for the PC version of the game. The update offers more options for world customization in the game. The video also shows the game’s 16 new terrain­modifying sliders, which allow players to manually set the foundation of their Minecraft worlds. The update is also going to include some other customization functions, like the ability to decide which structures are generated by the game, for example structures like caves, villages, temples and strongholds. There is also going to be an option for the players to set the number of dungeons and the height of their world’s sea level in the game. A lot has been shown in the video about the update, but the launch date is yet to be revealed.

Minecraft Mash-Up Pack

Warner Bros. Acquires Rights To Make A Movie On Minecraft

Warner Bros. Pictures is all set to make a film based on the famous Minecraft game, according to a leading website. A representative from Warner Bros. has also confirmed the news. Warner Bros. Pictures have acquired the movie rights from Mojang and are ready to work on it. The producer of recently released The Lego movie, Roy Lee will likely be producing the Minecraft movie as well. A movie on Minecraft is a really …

Minecraft Mash-Up Pack

14.3 Million Copies Of Minecraft PC Sold

Markus Persson, founder of Mojang has declared that the PC version of Minecraft has got in upto 100 million registered users. That is the number of individuals who have created free Minecraft accounts – a needed step in downloading the Minecraft demo from the official Mojang web site. He has also declared that the game has achieved a “14.3% conversion rate to paid accounts”, which means around 14.3 million of these registered users went on to buy the full game. The game had sold-out 13 million copies at the end of December 2013, …