T-Mobile iPhone 5 Pre-order Service Launched Today

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 pre-order service was launched today. The official launch is on 12th April. T-Mobile is one of the biggest carriers in the U.S, and now finally offers the iPhone along with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless, though millions of iPhones today operate on the T-mobile 3G network.


Last week saw the start of the T-Mobile ¬†iPhone 5 ‘Uncarrier’ service. Through this service, you can buy a 16GB iPhone 5 for $99 up front, with 20 months of additional $20 payments which would cover the total cost, on it’s Simple Choice Plan. You can also buy an iPhone 5 for $579.99, which is $70 dollars less than what an unlocked iPhone 5 bought directly from Apple costs. The iPhone 5 is actually compatible with T-Mobile’s LTE Network, and also it’s 4G HSPA+ networks.

T-Mobile offers the iPhone 4S for $69.99 up front fee and additional payments of $20 per month to cover the whole cost, and the iPhone 4 for $14.99 with additional charges of $15 per month.

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