Steve Jobs biopic in the works

Aaron Sorkin has penned a biopic on Steve Jobs and it is all set to be made into a film, but some big changes are yet to be made. In straightforward sense, the director and the main actor (the one will play Steve Jobs) are yet to be decided. Couple of big names have been doing the rounds and the latest of them being considered for the roles are: Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio and Slumdog Millionaire-director Danny Boyle. According to reports, Sony Pictures is currently holding talks to sign Boyle and are keen to approach DiCaprio about the opportunity of starring as Steve Jobs. Earlier Christian Bale had also been approached but now Leonardo’s name has been making rounds.

This actor-director pair could turn out to be a blockbuster pair, keeping in mind their amazing work in the past. Though the finalization has yet to be made but the way things have been taking turn for this planned biopic, it could turn out to be huge.

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