Sony Says PS4 Price Slashes To Be Infrequent Unlike PS3

Releasing the PlayStation 4 at $399 with additional standardized elements will probably keep the system from any kind of price drop in the near future according Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida.

Sony’s previous home console, the PlayStation 3, saw its first value drop, as well as internal design, a mere 9 months after unharness to cut prices. The system notoriously launched at two price points (a 20 GB and 60 GB version) with the more expensive costing $599 and was later replaced with an 80GB version that removed full PS2 compatibility, the built-in flash card reader, and was bundled with Metal Gear Solid IV.

If the PlayStation 4 is already at its most cheap value, for the predictable future, then it lends to believe that Sony can create their new console appear more attractive, to later adopters, by either increasing hard drive size or bundling package just like the upcoming, rumored in Famous: Second Son pack-in.

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