Sony Loaning Out PS4 Dev Kits

In line with making inroads with the indie community in recent years and supporting all sorts of games, Sony had announced free PS4 indie games via PS Plus along with DriveClub. Carrying this forward, Sony isn’t selling but is rather keen on loaning PS4 development kits, which generally cost about $2,500. One of the developers said, “All the indies I know got them for free. Sony has been amazing about kits and development thus far. They are handing them out like candy.

Sony still seems to have the lead on indie developers supporting its new system with games. Microsoft, on the other hand, keeps reversing policies to catch up. Reporetdly, Microsoft recently changed its stand again while allowing self-publishing on the Xbox One. One of the developers said, “Their would be a fee for self-publishing on the One, but Microsoft has yet to reveal details about the process, saving them for its gamescom presentation. Of course, there was the reveal that any Xbox One could be used as a dev kit, but we’re still awaiting details on how that happens, as well as when.

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