Sir Howard Stringer – Sony Former CEO To Retire Soon!

Sony, a well known name around the globe, a Japanese multinational brand that manufactures mainly Electronics, game and entertainment services. Sony is branded for the evolutionary gaming console, PlayStation. It was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in 1946. But after its success over these years it is currently being managed by Sir Howard Stringer (chairman of the board), Kazuo Hirai (President and CEO) and Ryoji Chubachi (Vice Chairman).

But Sir Howard Stringer, Sony Former CEO is going to retire this June. Sir Howard Stringer is the chairman and former CEO of Sony Corporation. Last year he handed over the keys to Kazuo Hirai. With the PlayStation 4 making news everywhere the chairman of the Sony Company is going to retire. With such a project that will be launched next year it might be heart breaking for Sir Howard Stringer to retire this year. But that’s not what he thinks. He said that he will have new opportunities that he is currently thinking about them (stated by the Financial Times on a report in his Lecture at the Japan Society). Well, who knows what opportunities he was mentioning but with PlayStation 4 coming he will be excited to play games and experience a new generation gaming.

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