Sharp Declares Improved Financial Results

Japan-based company Sharp has shared it’s improved financial loss for Q1 2013. Though, it is considerably better than the $1.4 billion loss it suffered the last time. This year, it’s $182 million.

The company’s total revenue in this set of results is $6.18 billion (607.9 billion yen). This gives the company a 32.6 percent increase, year-on-year, and also, now the company has shown positive results in three quarters consecutively. The April-June results showed $30.60 million. The company’s members are obviously optimists (and hard-workers), as they’ve already stated that they expect a slim profit of $51 million.

The company also mentioned that this improvement was because of the devaluing of the yen, and popular smartphone demand across the world. Hence the company shipped truckloads of IGZO LCD displays high-performance camera modules to big companies like Samsung and Apple. Looks like the company’s struggle is coming to a slow end, with investors like Samsung and Qualcomm contributing millions.

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