Samsung Planned To Offer Samsung Galaxy S5 In January

Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in in April of this year, and rumors came that Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming in January. It will be around 9-months gap since the last iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

According to the Korean news site Naver, Samsung Galaxy S5 will simply tease in mid-January or so, with the phone’s official launch set for February. Assumptions are made that this would occur in the January Consumer Electronics Show to showcase a new device in the Galaxy line, Samsung has not traditionally held major launch events at CES.

Some of the specifications that might Galaxy S5 contain- 16-megapixel camera, new optical image stabilization feature. Its a bit beefier than the Galaxy S4’s 13-megapixel camera. Unique Galaxy S5 can be all-metal case device instead of the mainstream plastic case.

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