Samsung may team up with Oculus to Develop its VR Headset for Mobiles

Oculus has been in news since for quite some time now. Firstly, it was in news over the creation of its VR headset, then it made headlines after being acquired by Facebook and then it was again the news writers favourite after hiring big names. And now according to latest reports, Oculus is collaborating with Samsung to develop another VR headset that is compatible to mobile phones.

Earlier also there were reports of Samsung working on a VR headset, but there were no clue of them teaming up with Oculus. This VR headset will be compatible with your phone and connect with it via an existing port and on connection it will turn your phone’s screen into the virtual space your eyes see.

This one is going to be very different from Oculus’ own Rift headset that is a VR device primarily for PC gaming as it is going to be working on mobile media.

No other disclosure like price or release date has yet been made as the report is still not official.

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