Samsung Denies any Violation in the ‘381 patent

Judge Koh has ruled out any possibility of another trial over the ‘381 patent. This has quashed all the hopes of Samsung. This is in connection with the new charter trial over Apple’s patent, which was an important issue in the trial, which was held last year. The two companies had been in loggerheads for quite some time now, with Samsung trying to dominate Apple to trying to disprove all their accusations. Judge Lucy Koh, the US district Court Judge has denied Samsung’s appeal for a new motion-relating to the trial which Apple accused while filing the ‘381 patent. Samsung filed this patent last month. It was well known that Apple accused Samsung that their phones and tablets violated the ‘381 patent technology. It takes care of the ‘bounce-back’, which users receive when they need to scroll to the bottom. A number of touch-screen actions were copied, according to Apple. Last time around, the jury ruled the case in favour of Apple, by stating that Samsung had violated the ‘381 patent with 18 of their gadgets. However, Samsung has kept denying the fact that they had violated the patent and that has been their stance until now.

The jury had awarded Apple $1.05 billion for the damages caused due to the infringement. The infringement trial ended last August. However, the Judge decreased the damages and awarded only $450.5 million and has asked for a new trial and calculate the damages exactly. Infact, both the companies were looking forward to the retrial, which is expected to be held in November.

The new trial was issued after Judge Koh felt that the orders and schedules must be checked completely and the rules of the damage caused needed to be studied further, in detail. It seemed to be favourable to Samsung, especially after the last trial inflicted heavy dame on their revenue and money to a rival company.

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