Rumour Check : No New Apple TV

For all those Apple fans out there who own the tech giant’s TV, this is going to come as a huge disappointment. Rumours about an upgrade to the TV have been scrapped by the people familiar with the company’s plans. The company will not be releasing a new version of it’s TV at the iPhone event scheduled for next week. The software update however, is ready to be unveiled.

The rumours for the new Apple TV were started when the company received a new mysterious shipment, earlier this week. The shipment was said to deliver set top boxes from a new supplier. But as it so happened, what the shipment actually contained was just more of the existing hardware and nothing new.

The last update that was released for the TV was on the 19th of June, 2013 wherein, the free Apple TV software ersion 5.3 allowed users to add HBO Go, WatchESPN, Sky News and other channels to their home screens for new and integrated streaming options. The update however, was available only for second and third generation users. These new options joint established programming partners like Hulu, Netflix, Major League Basketball, the NBA, the NHL, Vimeo, Youtube, Flickr, etc.

While on the task of testing Mavericks and iOS 7, the company has also been testing version 5.4. This update includes support for the iTunes radio. It lets users purchase music from the iTunes store on their very own Apple TV. It also has a Conference Room mode for various corporate ventures and multi-display support.

The new software changes introduced will include a completely new feature namely, the AirPlay which will enable any iTV owner that has bought any T show or movie on their system, to view the same on any other iTV by calling it up on their iPhone and asking the friend’s iTV to stream it.

The new and actual updated version of the Apple iTV is set to be unveiled alongside the release of iOS 7, scheduled to be sometime after the September 10 iPhone event.

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