Reserved Nature Of Australia In 21st Century – A Ban On Saints Row 4

With all the new technologies and advancement which always keeps the country in news shows a shocking yet reserved nature of Australia with a ban imposed on Saints Row 4 even after the game getting an ‘adults only’ tag.

The main reason given by the Board Media for the ban is interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence well and elements of illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards.
The ban on games due to its content is not a new thing as GTA 3 and Fallout 3 had also been the victim of the Board in previous years.
Australia has a good record of putitng a censorship on films like Antonioni’s blowup (1966) and Penn’s Bonnie and Cleide (1967),  and putting a ban on vedio games from sale which mainly happened because of the R18 + Classification.
To put an end to parent’s worries about their children  gaining access to inappropriate adult content showed a need for something more then  MA15+ (material considered unsuitable for exhibition by persons under the age of 15) and this is how R18+ classification came into picture and was introduced in the country.
From then Seventeen videogames have been classified as R18+ since the new category was introduced in January.

Although R18+ is a more liberal version of the county’s previous censor board but the recent ban on  Saints Row 4 shows Australia still has to go a long way for their acceptance to the content of vedio games.

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