PS4 Sales Surges Ahead of Xbox One Sales

PlayStation 4 has been continuing its success story at the US retail, after showing another jump ahead of Xbox One in a fourth consecutive month.

The NPD earlier today had announced that for a 4th month in a row, PS4 was the best-selling console hardware at the US retail during April.

Although specific figures are not known, but PS4 has sold off nearly 115,000 units according to certain analysis done.

Although it is getting difficult for Xbox to match PS4’s resounding figures, but it has still managed to sell 71,000 Xbox 360 consoles, 447,000 Xbox One games and nearly 2.2 million Xbox 360 games.

“Life to date, sales of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles have almost doubled the combined sales of PS3 and 360 hardware through their first six months of sales,” the analyst at NPD Liam Callahan, said.

According to NPD reports, even the Wii-U has performed decently in the US market retail. Now, the big question would be that how much impact would the cheaper Kinect-less Xbox One affect the sales?

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