PS4 Custom Chips Unavailable

The next big thing, PS4 has been produced without the PS4 custom chips like the cell processor, reason for which is the developers at Sony. The developers had said that it was too much work and it was getting too hard for them to offload GPU tasks on the SPUs.

With the PS4 custom chips news, Michael Denny from Sony also revealed that the high speed GDDR5 memory was also a decision made because of the developer’s trouble.

Denny said:

“I think the main reason behind it is that’s what the development community wanted. That’s what the development community want in terms of ease of development and making the best games they possibly can.”

“What we bring to the table as Mark was explaining last night was how we architect the system, to make it almost like a supercharged PC specifically for gaming. This is a multitasking system like most PCs are, but this is a still a console made for gaming with gaming at its heart.”

“Making decisions like having the 8GB high speed system memory on board is just a massive win for developers in terms of the sort of games they can create and the ease of game development.”

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