Predicted Analysis Speaks Of The PS4 Launch Price Below $400

As per the prediction of an industry analyst, it has been known that Sony’s PS4 launch price will be below $400. He further commented that the Xbox One is still expensive in comparison to the PlayStation 4. The industry analyst, Arvind Bhatia is of the opinion that Sony has learned a lot from his previous mistake where PlayStation 3 was launched at a high price of $600.

The reports say that Sony failed to capture the market of console due to this huge mistake in the early phase. At Gamespot, Bhatia also expressed his strong view that this time Sony will definitely stick to his price decision and will not repeat the same mistake. On the basis of the strong view of Bhatia, Michael Pachter, the Wedbush Morgan analyst firmly predicted that the approximate price of PS4 by Sony would be $349 and the approximate rate of Xbox One would be $399.

Pachter further commented that even after sticking to this price range, Sony will be able to make a good amount of profit with the manufacturing cost of PS4 at $275 each. But Bhatia completely disagreed on this thought of Pachter and strongly said that Sony will still suffer a loss on each console even if he targets for a lower price than $400.

Though Bhatia supported the prediction of Pachter regarding the expensiveness of Xbox One in comparison to the PlayStation 4 but the launch of Microsoft console below $400 is still a surprising element for him. The previous rumors speak of the launch of the two-tier pricing system by Microsoft. This pricing system includes one way with payment of $500 and another way with initial payment of $300 and then a subsidized monthly payment of $15 including Xbox One.

Next week at E3, the platform holders are not expected to reveal the pricing details but Microsoft will surely reveal the facts about Xbox One Live on the event of E3. Sony can be expected to share few facts regarding the PS4 hardware at that event of E3.

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