Plemons Been Shortlisted For A Leading Role In ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ – Reports

Jesse Plemons, “The Breaking Bad” star (Todd, the pleasant, but kind of sociopathic criminal)who is known for his small but a key role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master,” had been shortlisted for a lead role in the Abrams-directed picture , as stated by wrap. However the 25-year-old actor hasn’t proven his part yet, the actor has given a positive feedback and is expected to return for the audition of the “Super 8” and “Star Trek” franchise filmmaker again (his first taped audition reportedly impressed). Plemons also had a role in Peter Berg’s “Battleship” and the “Friday Night Lights” TV show.

Unfortunately there were no major clue of what exactly the role would be, but as wrap states, Plemons does look vaguely like a young Luke Skywalker and there’s been many rumors that have said the new “Star Wars” films will pick up with the children of Luke, Han and Leia. “Star Wars: Episode VII” is co-written by Abrams and Kasdan and will hit the screens on December 18, 2015.

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