PlayStation Home Updated With A Virtual PS4 Area

PlayStation Home has been updated with a virtual PlayStation 4 space, wherein users can embark upon a most mighty and epic quest. A “Quest For Greatness” as Home calls it. Okay, therefore perhaps it’s less “epic” and more “find 13hidden cards,” but PS One games Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Destruction Derby are yours for the taking do you have to complete the hunt, beside several PS4-branded virtual swag.

The Quest For Greatness is accessed via the expertise PlayStation 4 area, that is connected to the home main hub. Inside the expertise PS4 area is a large PlayStation Vita, and it’s here your quest begins. Reddit posters have claimed that the ordeal should not take quite roughly 10 minutes, so if that quantity of your time for three PS One games playable on your PS3 and Vita sounds worthwhile.

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