Playstation 4 – Expected To Come With Varieties Of Games To Cheer Up The Gamers

PlayStation 4 is expected to swing with varieties of games that will be including the indie titles as well as the mainstream. The president of the Worldwide Studios, Shu Yoshida said that the company has lined up 20 games. All these games are exclusive in nature and specially lined up for PS4 in the first year of its launch. There is a lot more that has been spent by Sony on the presentation of its console. Sony has highlighted on many things at the time of presentation.

The first is ‘The Order’ which said that the game has featured a mixture of low and high technologies. The game has been given a new title ‘Creator of God of War’. Firstly the users will be able to see buggies and horses and later on saw glimpse of weaponry. These weaponries again belonged to a high class technology. The on-screen solders will be attacked by a different force that is not visible to them. The next highlighted element is the Final Fantasy XV. The realistic trailer of Final Fantasy was should off by Square Enix. In addition to that, it featured a dramatic action and cinematic sequences.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the third presentable feature of the game which made the crowds cheer and applaud on it. This is also a highly anticipated feature of the new console. The trailer of the game is its only teaser and saw glimpses of Disney characters and protagonist. It also teamed up with different types of characters. The first person shooter of bungies massive online of the shooter of the first person has been continuously teased for several months. Destiny has promised a new universe that is dreamed with the creative writers of the universe.

It also showed the spectators the demo of the gameplay in the first in-engine. The demo of the gameplay was shown on Monday and was impressive for the crowd. It had a variety of weapons in it and also solved numerous problems. Mad Max is the road warrior and saw a game teaser that is based on the post-apocalyptic film on 1979.

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