Plans Revealed: Logo Of Skype, Bing, Yammer And Xbox Are To Be Replaced

In the last year, the first time in 20 years, Windows created a common language in the design of its product line that extended to changing the logos for Windows and Office division, which was indeed a risky project for a company with over a billion users across the world. After successful implementation of the first phase, Microsoft now seems to plan similar re-imagining for its other divisions that include, Bing, Skype, Yammer and Xbox. According to the reports of The Verge, at a recent event in Norway, Albert Shum, Windows Phone design studio general manager and Todd Simmons, Wolff Olins’ creative director, had a discussion on this re-imagining of the Microsoft products.

Logo of Skype, Bing, Yammer and Xbox are to be replaced with new logos according to reports of The Verge. In the presentation, a concept video from two years ago was revealed. It showed some notion of the new logo designs; it also included a new logo for Bing which somewhat looked like a boomerang or paper airplane. The time of the video clears that Microsoft is planning such changes in the design of its line of products for quite a long time now.  With the results of the old experimentations in the kitchen of Microsoft, Simmons also came up with the design work for future Bing and Skype or Yammer logo, and added that the logos for the other brands are on the way. He also said, that the logos for all brands are under development; nothing has been finalised yet and the works are still on going.

The two logos revealed by Simmons, fit well with the new approach of Microsoft towards designing of the logos; both of them come with flattened colours and looks. The conversation between the pair covered topics like alignment of design, product, marketing and brands at Microsoft. They also made it clear that they took inspiration from Nike, and are striving to give Microsoft line of products a look that will be similar in the sense but at the same time will support their brand individuality. In this context, Shum was employed with Nike before he joined Microsoft.

Changing the Windows was the first successful step to implement the new design concept but still the project holds substantial risks for the company.

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