Nvidia Releases Shield Software Update

On Monday, Nvidia released a major software update for its $249.99 priced Shield at Amazon gaming device. It adds support for for 1080p resolution and 60 frames-per-second in the handheld’s PC-syncing mode.

The updtate improves the features which were added to the Shield (Android based) in October. According to AndroidCentral, it also improves GameStream performance over Wifi.

GameStream make thousands of games which are mainly targeted to the PC. The games are compatibile with Shield, including titles like Batman: Arkham Origins.

The software which was released in the October let users stream games from their PC to the Shielf over LAN. Shield users must have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or higher graphics card in their PC to connect to the handheld to a PC via GamerStream.

Another interesting feature added to the Shield is the Shield Gamepad Mapper. It is a programmer interface which lets users map all the gamepad controls of the Shield.

Users can now “share, browse and rate gamepad mapping profiles”, according to Android Central. Nvidea have also added “an accelerated cursor option” for the joystick mouse mode. “Mapping gyro simulations” with analog thumsticks feature has also bee added to look around in first-person perspective games.

Shield users can auto-hide the status bar and can view it by swiping from top to bottom on their screen. The update is available today for free in Nvdia’s Shield site. To access additional features in GameStream, users need to download the latest version.

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