Now Playbooks Could Soon Be Things Of Past

Earlier promising a future update to its tablet PlayBook for the BlackBerry 10 OS update, the Ontario-based company has changed its strategic plans and would no longer be rolling out any OS 10 Update. Thorstein Heins made this statement during the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

This is what he had to say : “Our teams have spent a great deal of time and energy looking at solutions that could move the Blackberry 10 experience to PlayBook. But unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the level of performance and user experience, and I made the difficult decision to stop these efforts and focus on our core hardware portfolio.” Heins said during the call.

Well things have not been going good for BlackBerry who posted a $84 million loss from $3.1 billion revenue, following this shares dropped 25 percent.

This surely is the start of an slow demise of PlayBook. The tablet had hard time gaining market dominated by Apple’s iPad and Android tablets. The sales of PlayBook have only been decreasing since its launch, and this decision was expected to be made much sooner from Blackberry’s side.

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