New Wacom’s Tablet!

Japanese Company Wacom has made a name for itself in the market by releasing a pressure sensitive stylus. Their first capacitive stylus was called bamboo, owing to which they are often referred to as the Bamboo makers. With a 6mm tip, it’ll work with all capacitive screens, iPad, Android, or otherwise. So far they have just built stylus that are likely to work on any tablet, but have not yet revealed any plans to come up with a tablet from their own manufacturing.

Facebook was the first lucky one to receive a sneak-peak into Wacom’s idea of releasing their own tablet this summer. The teaser did not describe the kind of Operating System it would be installed with, but it did mention the presence of a pressure-sensitive professional pen, multi-touch capability and an HD display.

If the Bamboo makers can successfully come up with the above mentioned features as well as a couple of functions of their own, it is guaranteed to be a shocker at the market.

Is Wacom’s tablet going to be the next big thing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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