A New Step By Apple, Aquired SnappyLabs

The tech giant Apple have acquired a company which was started by an app-maker named SnappyLabs, who was behind the Snappycam app. According to the reports, this app was removed from the websites and the app store before the end of the year.

There were some new technologies which were observed in the SnappyCam in July, that explains how developer John Papandriopoulos was able to redesign how JPG images are compressed, allowing the iPhone to shoot full-quality burst mode photographs at significant higher frames per second than other competing technologies, including the new burst mode built into iOS 7.

It is being assumed that Apple will soon integrate the SnappyCam Technology into its native iOS and OS X camera programs and APIs. The burst mode photo shooting is also been added to iOS 7 , which will allow users to shoot 10 photos per seconds!!…sounds cool isn’t it?, it all done to get the best shot of something which is in the moving state.

However, about the aquisition nothing is confirmed as such, and SnappyCam is no longer available on the App Store.

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