New Software To Enhance PS4’s PlayStation Camera

Just Dance 2014 is “just the beginning of the types of games that may be created using Iisu in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera”, aforesaid a rep speaking with CVG. “The 3D gesture recognition capabilities provided by Iisu offer PS4 game developers the power to make a wide variety of virtual and increased reality games, and permits PS4 to vie directly with Kinect yet at a better price point,” they further said. Sony’s sold-separately PlayStation Camera for PS4 features two camera lenses in a stereoscopic array, and is an upgraded version of the single-lens PlayStation Eye sold-out for PS3 and PS2. It detects body motion in addition as pin-point detection of the light bar across the top of the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller. Microsoft’s Xbox One console will come pre-packaged with a replacement Kinect device bar, that options a lot of refined array of motion-detecting sensors and cameras. Sony has reported sales of one million PS4s in its first 24 hours on sale in North America and Canada, where it launched on November 15. The console launches in EU on Nov 29.

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