NBA 2K14’s NBA Today Feature Now Better For Xbox One And PS4

NBA 2k14’s NBA Today featured has seen an amendment for Xbox one and PS4 versions as compared to the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions.

In an interview with Polygon, the Visual Concepts producer Erick Boenisch talked about the improved and expanded NBA Today feature.

“In the [current edition of NBA 2K14], it’s like ‘Hey, the Lakers played last night. They lost 115 to 114. Kobe had a pretty good game.’ In this one, it’s going to be like ‘They lost on a last second shot. Kobe missed it but he shot 14 for 28. He had 31 points. Got in foul trouble late in the game.’ And that’s the kind of detail that you don’t get from the old system,” he said.

He even told about the realistic inclusion one can enjoy with the betterment.

“Even when you’re playing the games, when it’s halftime, they’ll cut to games from around the league. You’ll get scores of games that are going on in real-life in the half-time of your local game,” Boenisch said.

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